Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some more Kumkuma Bharanis

I have shared about my collection of Kumkuma Bharanis( container to keepVermilion) in one of the posts. In this post sharing about some more Kumkuma Bharanis, I have.

The below one is a small container, with a pink color crystal on it. You can see it has little flowers carved on the sides.
Crystal on the lid and flower carved on the sides
The next one is also similar, but has red and blue beads on the lid. Both  are made of oxidised metal
Here it is:
The carvings resemble the stone carvings in ancient temples.

The below one is a made of Brass.Its very special, as it has a small tray to hold it.

I like this very much. It looks very cute. Isn't it?

Here is a Kumkuma Bharani in heart shape. It has a  stone on the lid. Look at the design on the stone. Isn't it beautiful?

Thats all for now! Rest in the next posts. 

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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