Monday, March 5, 2012

At last Dora bed sheet is completed!- Story behind making of a quilt

At last I made this quilt. But it has a long story behind it. I like making quilts. For new born babies , I like to gift quilts, that I make. In my earlier posts, I have shared about the quilts I made. So once, while making a quilt ,my son came with a frowned face and complained "Amma, you make quilts for all, not for me". I answered that I would make a lovely quilt for him.
So one fine day I decided to make a quilt for my son. Already my son had told me that, he wanted a cartoon character on that quilt. I asked him which cartoon character he wanted. ( later I realized I made a mistake:-)) He replied "Goku". Immediately a question mark appeared on my face. I really didn't know who this Goku was. I seriously studied about this Goku, when my son participated in fancy dress competition. There also he decided to dress like "Goku". Uff !this Goku effect! 

Image Courtesy-Google Images

Nowadays kids have lots of options, in everything, in cartoons also. When I was a kid, I liked Mandrake and Phantom. I was fascinated about "Xanadu", Mandrake's house and Phantom's Skull Cave. Now also I love Disney characters. When I visited Disney land, it was "Dream come true " experience for me!
These are the Disney dolls I bought from there, which are with me as fond memory(somehow protected these from my son!, otherwise by this time they would have undergone many experiments!)

But nowadays I think we can see hundreds or thousands of  cartoon characters! I don't know most of the names of these characters, though I'm familiar with the faces, because always one or the other character's show will be on our TV screen. Dora, Oswald, Goku, Ben10, Chota Bheem ( now this is the latest craze! In my house I can see everywhere Chota Bheem paintings :-)) the list continues.
Image Courtesy- Google Images
Oh those Power Rangers! In any point of time, if they come in front of me , I will remove the helmet or mask whatever they wear and slap them and beat them till I'm satisfied . They have looted my purse! Why they are in so many colors. One or two colors are enough, five to six colors!
And my son wanted all of them. Everything with power rangers picture, T-Shirts, Pencil box, Bag etc.

Now I think the craze is over , so they are lying with broken leg , hand and with bandage like this.
Ok , Coming back to the quilt, after long discussion ( in fact fight !) we agreed on Dora. Even I like Dora, because of its color combination.

I selected this design and got it enlarged. Bought all the paints required, and traced it on the cloth and started painting. I could not paint this continuously. Whenever I used to work on this, I felt there is shortage of paint bottles. I blamed it on my memory, thinking I might have forgotten. One fine day I found the reason!

 Searching for something, when I looked behind the curtains of the window I found all the paint bottles there! I felt the paint bottles are teasing me , telling "With you we were idle, now we are very busy" . :-)
My son had used them all for his paintings! I preached half an hour "Stealing is bad. If you need anything, please ask". This preaching bounced back to me! Every time I used to paint, he came to me and asked "Mom, can I take the yellow paint". Sometimes with pleading tone, "Amma, my Orange color paint is over", "Can you please give little bit of red color paint?" . It went on. I thought , if I don't complete this painting then I will have to buy loads of paint for this.

 In 2-3 days I completed this painting and stitched the quilt.

 While making this quilt also, he used to come and ask like a boss, "Still my Dora bed sheet is not completed, when are you giving it to me?" .Many times I corrected him, its a quilt not a bed sheet, but for him the name of the quilt had become "Dora bed sheet" :-) Suppose  he saw me stitching  anything else other than this quilt, he used to scream "You have time for everything, not to complete my Dora bed sheet" :-).  Uff! It irritated me a lot. But the speed I was going would have annoyed anyone! It took 3-4 months to complete the quilt. So no wonder he got annoyed waiting for this quilt!
Dora quilt
But he is very happy to see the "Dora Bed Sheet" completed. Seeing the big smile on his face, I forgot all the irritation, losses( because of paint bottles)
With his Dora bed sheet
Whatever, I will never forget the appreciation on his face. While painting this also he appreciated me a lot. Every time he saw this painting he used to say "Wow! Amma beautiful", as if his Amma is reincarnation of  Leonardo Da Vinci, painting the World Famous Monalisa ( or I can say Doralisa :-)) 

Oh this has really become long story! Wanted to share the fun I had while making this quilt. Next post will be short and sweet!

Until then , 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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